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About Me

Love Spells Lady Cristina

Lady Cristina,
Psychic Energy Life path Reader,
I use my psychic abilities to look beyond the current circumstances into how the forces of cause and effect determine your future. By obtaining a consultation with me you will receive some of the most revealing, informative psychic guidance you could ever hope for. You will get the kind of personal guidance that can be of immense benefit now and in the years to come. I  sense events or circumstances that have happened or are happening in your life. Sometimes the information comes in the form of an image, or a sensation.When energy is connected to a particular person in your life whose energy is part of your consciousness the information may come through as a message from or about a particular loved one. I am able to connect to this information as a neutral observer through your energetic body. As with any healing art, the results will vary greatly depending on the intentions and needs of the recipient.  The general goal is to restore balance & harmony such that the recipient leaves the session with a renewed sense of clarity, centeredness & empowerment to live their fullest potential. Intuitive reading compliments the energetic aspect of the healing by enabling people to become more aware of unconscious or unacknowledge energetic themes and can support the process of growth and healing on a more conscious level

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The spiritual context or energy for your life is in charge, 

The safest way to bring in desired results to your life is to work within the context of your destiny.  This is called “flow.” 

Flow begins by doing what Buddhists call living mindfully or paying attention (Cause and Effect) how you feel as you move through your life.   The next step is to let go of  fear controlled results.  The third step is to align with the universal spirits. If you add the law of attraction to the spell ,your efforts will be miraculous. 

Casting personalized Spell with Cristina you will find your luck will improve and your efforts to attain your dreams using Lady Cristina s Guidance will be supported by a spiritual energy.  This energy was there all along but you were too wrapped up in resistant to have found it. 


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